Welcome to the Abigail Greydanus web shop! All of our items are made to order meaning you'll get to provide any measurements required so the fit is excellent for you and can choose the exact colors you'd like to make the garment your own. 
When buying a piece from me you can rest assured knowing your garment will be made of the highest quality European latex, with a level of skill, expertise and attention to detail that can't be matched. 


Normally I specialize in custom garments but either you can purchase it in a standard size xs-sm-md-xl or I can get your measurements and size it to those at no additional cost to you on these pieces. Please email with sizing info before or after placing your order via the contacts tab. Refer to the measurements chart tab for more info on taking your sizing info.

Latex and colors: 

All of our latex is imported from a trusted UK company known to carry the best quality products. With proper care your garment should be good for many years of wear. We carry many colors to choose from as you’ll see from our color chart. Everything from Opaque, to Metallic, to Transparent colors the choice is uniquely yours! The majority of our garments come in garment grade .40mm latex, however some items are (or can be) made in thicker latex if that’s your preference (changing the thickness can effect the price). You can view our full chart via the color chart tab.

Delivery time: 

Orders normally go out 2 weeks or less from the order dates. Sometimes during our busier times of the year the delivery time can be a bit longer, if this is anticipated we’ll let you know. If you need an item by a specific date do let us know so we can do our best to accommodate getting it to you in time.

Custom work:

If you have any desire to order a custom garment you can be in touch to abigailgreydanus@gmail.com . Once we have your design worked out and a sketch and quote is approved we’ll send over a list of all the measurements information we’ll need from you and go into detail on taking the measurements if you have any questions about it. While I am happy to receive reference photos of design styles you like I will not replicate other designers work, and will refer you to the proper designer if you are looking to have something specific you’ve seen made. You’re welcome to send photos of styles for detail, shape, color, etc references, be it of latex garments or fabric but I will work with you to make sure that your garment is entirely one of a kind, after all what’s the point of a custom garment if other people have it right!?

International orders: 
It has come to my attention recently that some International orders are being charged duties, and taxes and others are not. Please keep in mind when ordering that all fees applied upon arrival of the parcel to your country are the responsibility of the buyer. I don't typically know exactly what the current fees are in each country and do try to keep them as low as I'm able when filling out forms to mail items but occasional they do get applied upon the arrival.


Shipping: We ship all of our items internationally, so don’t hesitate to place an order from your part of the world. Each delivery is insured for the garments value and has tracking on it so we can give you the info and you can anticipate it’s arrival. Items are typically shipped through US Mail, however if you have a rush order, or would prefer another method we also ship through UPS and FEDEX as well. Any rush shipping or different service provider requests need to be emailed prior to the outfits completion. We discretely package your garments and send them to you with the utmost care. Due to the complications that occasionally arise in the postal service processing, customs, etc, we can not be held responsible for any delays in delivery, loss of packages, etc, please contact the postal service directly for information on packages. 


Refunds & Exchanges: As all of our garments are custom made we do not offer returns on any pieces that we make. If you are unsatisfied for any reason do be in touch and we’ll do our best to sort out any problems that may arise. We accept no responsibility if a fit issue arises in a garment that had the measurements supplied by the customer. We do our best to pattern closely the measurements given to us and can not be held accountable if they were taken incorrectly. We work closely with you before the garments construction to insure that the measurements are taken properly and if there is any fit problems that arise when the garment is worn upon arrival of it we will work to make sure the fit does get adjusted for you so that the garment is exactly how you desire it. This could include simply sending it back to us for adjustments to be made, etc. We’ll work with you to get it right, rest assured.

We can’t be held liable for poorly handled latex garments. Before wearing your garment please read the latex care instructions below and follow closely. If you do have any tears in your garments over time, however, let us know and for a fee we can typically repair the damaged garment for you.



Light colored latex is very sensitive and due to it’s porous nature will pick up stains from things like metals and makeups. Latex, regardless of color, should not come in contact with copper and brass metals especially as it will pick up brownish colored stains from these metals. Be especially cautious with latex around body jewelry, despite it looking silver it typically will contain metals that can stain the latex.

Avoid having your latex around sharp edges. Sharp fingernails, jewelry, furniture, etc can all tear the latex if you’re not cautious.

Wash latex as soon after wearing as you’re able in lukewarm water with a non-bleach soap. I like to use a non-bleach dishsoap (such as lemon Ajax) but some people use baby shampoo’s as well. Once clean, rinse off any soap residue in clean lukewarm water and then hang to dry. Try to clean your latex soon after wearing it, allowing sweat and body oils to stay on the garment can result in damage over time.

DO NOT machine wash, dry clean, or iron latex garments under any circumstances. Latex is HAND WASH ONLY!

To store latex be sure it’s safely away from any damaging UV rays from the sun. Sunlight can cause damage to the latex over time and should latex should be exposed to it as sparingly as possible. It’s best to store the latex, once cleaned and dry, covered with a light dusting of Talc (or baby) powder and wrapped in tissue paper, in a bag in a drawer. Be sure that all colors are stored separately from each other as dark colored latex can leave stains on lighter colors when left touching for too long and that any metal fastenings, etc have a layer of tissue paper separating them from the latex to prevent any stains happening during storage.

To repolish latex for wear, simply rinse the talc powder off the latex in lukewarm water, allow to dry and then shine with polish that’s specified for latex use. Be sure any polish used is SILICONE based, do not use any other types of polish or it will damage the surface of the latex. I recommend using Pjur Cult polish. Not only does it give a great shine to the garment but it also can be used as a dressing aid. Simply rub some on the garment with your hands or a soft cloth for a smooth, even polish, be sure to rub gently, it doesn’t need to be rubbed hard to get shiny. Once the dress is shined you can apply some of the same polish directly to your body with your hands and this allows you to slide the garment on effortlessly. If you do not currently have a polish or dressing agent just let me know and I can include that to you with your purchase.

Aside from all this ENJOY!!! It may seem like more work then many garments require but it’s definitely worth it because you’ll have a garment that you can enjoy for years to come if you care for it properly.